Thursday, October 12, 2006

Green Isn't a Good Shade for Her

Sadly, I have lost a huge amount of respect for Laura Bennett last night on Project Runway. Her bitching about the amount of craftsmanship Jeffrey placed in his collection is ridiculous. It smells of her own insecurities as a designer and the threat of his collection competing against her own. Shame on Michael for jumping on the bandwagon, feeding into this madness. (I know he's the fan favorite, but his collection is the weakest by far - let's see if he can charm the judges on the final runway.)

There is a huge difference in what a designer would send down the runway after two days, as opposed to two months - everyone's work looks more polished. Shame on you for feeling the need to accuse another designer of breaking the rules - especially after seeing what happened to Keith earlier in the season. I cannot imagine why any designer would risk disqualification that close to Fashion Week.

I understand it makes for good television and I'm sure the producers were salivating over this juicy tidbit but if they eliminate Jeffrey from the final competition, I will have lost all respect for the show. Don't let me down Bravo.

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