Friday, March 31, 2006

Kiss of Death?

So every time I develop a favorite on ANTM, it can only mean one thing, doom for that girl. This is a cycle that happens season to season - Tocarra, Lisa, Brittany just to name a few. Hopefully this year will prove to be the deal-breaker with my girl Danielle. She's fierce, a strong competitor, beautiful and works the gap in her teeth like a black Lauren Hutton. She's everything the show needs to get out of the doldrums of two uneventful winners - you know who I speak of. Keep your game on girl, the prize is yours for the taking. Now let's hope my curse is broken.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Doctor's Orders

With my brain not working today, I thought I would offer you dear readers a visual treat, in the form of fitness model and Godsend, Rusty Joiner. Take two and call me in the morning. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Straight Talk

So Tyra finally smartened up and realized that a show about models should always include the wisdom and straight forwardness of Janice Dickinson. Janice returns tonight to give the remaining would be models a lesson in tough love and the ins and out of posing. Now Tyra, if you could just see it in yourself and your ego to let Janice return to the panel, my show would be complete. Janice, as always...much love and appreciation. Cannot wait for your new show on the Oxygen network.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bucking the System

I love people who fuck with the system, just when you think you have seen everything, something new and fascinating comes along. This is one of the reasons, I'm drawn to Buck Angel, not only did he put on an amazing showcase at this weekend's Black Party, but he is being true to himself. For those not familiar with his story, Buck was born a woman, transitioned to a man however retains he's vagina. Don't get me wrong, he is all man and a born performer.

The best part about this is it makes everyone question their own sexuality, as I heard numerous men at the Black Party tell me how attracted to Buck they were. And this is what's so great, it goes beyond one's own conventions and draws out something very primal. I'm glad we have Buck in our community and look forward to seeing more from him.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Justice For All

After two days of sitting around and waiting for my name to be called, jury duty has finally come to an end. No case, no swearing on the bible, no courtroom drama... zip, zilch, nada. Granted, just like everyone else, I didn't really want to be assigned to a case, but damn if it is not boring just sitting in those few rooms - hours on end. The good news is I was able to finish the Dean Koontz book I bought about four months ago. 338 pages, flew by in two days. So it wasn't a total loss. And at least I got to people watch, which supplied me endless hours of inspiration. Not to mention, being in a room when the name Louis Lewis was called. Brilliant! You couldn't make up a better name.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Past & History

With jury duty tomorrow, I thought it only fitting to talk about The History of Violence, starting a fantastic Viggo Mortensen. The film speaks of redemption, concealing one's past and starting over - and whether we can truly escape our past crimes or lives. Viggo's solid performance is backed by an outstanding supporting cast of Maria Bello, William Hurt and Ed Harris. The film recently came out on DVD and I recommend a viewing.

My love affair with Viggo came way before he ever made those Tolken films, with a simple color photograph of a plastic lawn flower poolside. I can still see that picture crystal clear in my mind and can remember when I knew him as a talented photographer who exhibited at Robert Mann Gallery here in New York. I hope he still has time to make images like that, these days with his busy film schedule. And if anyone knows where one can get the catalog from that show, please let me know.

See you in three days after my civic duty, where hopefully justice prevails and I have something interesting to talk about.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Killing A Rumor

Certain rumors were put to rest at the 15th Anniversary party of the Roxy nightclub Saturday night. After a rousing performance by Kevin Aviance and his "Cunties" and the brilliant musical styling of DJ Brett Henrichsen, it was announced that the Roxy nightclub had just signed a five year lease on the building. So it appears we will have at least five more years of Saturday debauchery and dancing. See you on the floor, dear readers.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Blog-iversary

So it all started with Janice Dickinson (as everything should), today marks my one year anniversary of this blog and my entry about meeting Ms. Janice at her Barnes & Noble book signing. When I started out I had no idea what I was doing and if anyone would read this, but apparently I've had 2255 viewers since I've started this thing and the numbers seem to be growing. I thank you all dear readers and I promise that I will try and keep you posted with my obsessions with pop culture and my life. Crack open the bubbly and cut me a slice of cake, I'm ready to party.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hanky Panky

So dear readers, it was a close call for Ace Young on last night's elimination show of American Idol. So he was only in the bottom three, but still I don't think anyone expected to see him there so soon. However, I was wondering if it was just me or is Ace attempting to bringing back the "hanky code", a way of gay men to commnicate their sexual preferences and desires. I just couldn't help but noticed this week on both nights, Mr. Young was spotted wearing one in his left back pocket.

I'm not trying to 'out' him, cause we know he dates the actress from Half & Half, but one has to wonder if by flaunting his hankies, he's secretly attempting to allure the gay viewers to vote. Not that he would need to with a face and voice like that, but with stylists grooming our contestants, one has to wonder if there is not some subtext going on backstage. At least, by wearing it in his left pocket it promotes him as a TOP, now if we can just get him there next week. It's up to you dear readers.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The D Word

Spoiler alert ahead. Since I don't subscribe to Showtime anymore, I have to wait for my The L Word fix when it comes out on DVD, however I do get glimpses of what I'm missing from time to time. I was saddened today to learn that my favorite character Dana, played brilliantly by actor Erin Daniels, recently met her demise due to cancer on the show. The saddest part about the loss of the character of Dana, was Erin's comic timing and the crazy situations they always seem to place her in - case in point was her obsession with her cat Mr. Piddles from season one. Her presence will surely be missed. However, the good news is that Erin Daniels is working on two new movies and a possible TV pilot. Good luck with your future endeavors Erin, I'll be watching.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cool Rider

The year was 1982 when I first spotted him. Shaking his ass in white leather in the sacred halls of Rydell High, and since then my undoubted crush has still remained in tack for Maxwell Caulfield. Today, I learned that he will be appearing off-Broadway in the show entitled Tryst, where he will play a conman who seduces love-starved women and according to the "press materials" will appear nude in the show. Talk about a way to fill seats! He still looks amazing at the age of 46, as the above photo showcases, and the play sounds like it might be a winner with twists and turns. Previews for the play start March 21 and it opens on April 6 at the Promenade Theatre. Tickets are $45 to $65. I expect with the allure of Mr. Caulfield in the bare, these tickets will go quickly.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Send Me an Angel

I've recently become re-fascinated with the magician Criss Angel. His DVD Mindfreak is both captivating and at times completely nerve-biting. What I'm really fascinated by is his family and girlfriend, who sit back and watch as he performs these outrageous and sometimes deadly feats of magic. I don't know if I would have the balls to let him do some of the things he does - however he truly possesses some amazing talents. Whether its lighting himself on fire as a salute to his mother's 60th birthday, lifting a taxi off the ground or being buried alive and having to dig his way out of the grave, he never seems to disappoint. Truly captivating television. Hopefully, he will make a return visit to New York soon, I missed his last show here and would love to experience one of his performances in the flesh. Until then, I'll stay captivated to my television set for disk two and see what he comes up with next.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Killer Instincts

So Sharon Stone is celebrating a birthday today and this summer will be revisiting the character that made her a star - Catherine Trumell from Basic Instinct. While I love, love, love Ms. Stone and the bisexual underwearless murderess she brought to life in living color, I'm not sure how I feel about a sequel. While it will be interesting to see where they take the character, I have a strong feeling the results are going to be disastrous. Hopefully, she will prove me wrong. Either way, happy birthday Sharon and it will be great having you on the big screen in something more interesting than Catwoman.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

No Less Than Jake

Much thanks to Andy Towle for his screen captures of Jake Gyllenhaal working out on the set of Jarhead. With special features like this, I might have to pick up a copy of the DVD.

With not too much to talk about today and piles of work to finish, it's always good to take a moment and look at the beauty that is Mr. Gyllenhaal. Truly the makings of a great movie star with some very interesting choices under his belt. I'm looking forward to see Jake's next picture, Zodiac with one of my all time favorite directors David Fincher. Until then, its repeats of Donnie Darko and Bubble Boy - and of course, Jarhead. Semper fi.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Party Monster

She's back and not a moment too soon. Proving that you too can have a career for being rich and in the gossip rags constantly, my favorite tanorexic heiress is back in the news. Seems Ms. Hilton was recently slapped with a three year restraining order for threatening event producer Brian Quintana after their relationship fizzled. However, since they tend to travel in the same social circles and attend some of the same parties, the distance she needs to stay away changes from the standard 100 feet to 25 feet at such events. I love that Mr. Quintana, who was instrumental in introducing her to her current beau, fears for his safety, but still wants to make sure he can party along side her. Classic.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mighty Real

So a quick congratulations to Dan Renzi on his new position as editor at Queerty. If you have time, please check out his personal blog (a favorite of mine, have to read it at least once a day, for his views on culture, TV, personal observations, etc.)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscars Make Me A Grouch

So last night's
Oscars was a bit of a disappointment -- ok, it was more then just a bit, everything about the night was just a bit too safe. First off, what happened to at least one of two fashion disasters. Everyone was so groomed and primped for the big night, no one took any risks and lacked a sense of daringness like the old days with Cher or Bjork walked the red carpet.

Secondly, although Ang won for best director, Brokeback Mountain did not win for best picture losing to Magnolia, oh I mean Crash. Just trade in some LA snowflakes for frogs... think about it. Magnolia was a better film, too.

Thirdly, if you're going to do a movie montage about how movies tackle important social issues of the day like AIDS and racism, why not include this year's nominees in that category. Hello, Brokeback, Crash, TransAmerica all played to big audiences this year.

Overall, I just wanted one surprise. One shining moment where I could gasp with shock and awe; like giving the award to a desperate housewife or a pimp. You couldn't give me just one, just one Oscar.

Friday, March 03, 2006

License to Ill

Sorry for the absence dear readers, I've been stuck in bed for the past six days with a nasty flu. I promise to get back into the swing of things next week. I'm always amazed at how quickly a little flu bug can destroy a whole week's worth of mental and physical capacity. Sorry for the delay and I'll be excepting get well cards and chocolate all next week. Love you!