Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The D Word

Spoiler alert ahead. Since I don't subscribe to Showtime anymore, I have to wait for my The L Word fix when it comes out on DVD, however I do get glimpses of what I'm missing from time to time. I was saddened today to learn that my favorite character Dana, played brilliantly by actor Erin Daniels, recently met her demise due to cancer on the show. The saddest part about the loss of the character of Dana, was Erin's comic timing and the crazy situations they always seem to place her in - case in point was her obsession with her cat Mr. Piddles from season one. Her presence will surely be missed. However, the good news is that Erin Daniels is working on two new movies and a possible TV pilot. Good luck with your future endeavors Erin, I'll be watching.

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