Thursday, March 31, 2005

Smile Like You Mean It

So, James left for Toronto today, leaving me solo for the weekend. Funny, how a few hundred miles can make one's heart long so much. I'm trying not to thing about it too hard... must keep myself busy with a ton of movies, the new painting, figure out what's going on this weekend and maybe add a few drinks with friends to the mix.

Not to mention Survivor. Nothing makes me happen then the outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting of complete strangers to completely keep my mind completely occupied and distracted. Here's hoping that my favorites are still in the game after tonight's tribal council. Good luck Janu, Coby, Gregg, and my favorite underdog, Stephenie.

See you soon, Banana Bean.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sprung Into Spring

Finally, some real weather to get excited about and a new painting on the horizon. After suffering creative roadblock for a few weeks, it appears I've stumbled and bitched my way right back on track...thank God. The painting came after suffering a creative meltdown, which by the way, I highly recommend. Nothing finer then being able to refocus yourself and finally seeing things clearly enough to get stuff done. Will keep you updated with my progress as I continue to work on the new piece.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

That Bitch!

It's a sad day in media news today... it appears Tinkerbell's fifteen minutes are up. Tanorexic heiress Paris Hilton has added a brand new accessory. The new brown teacup Chihuahua, named Bambi, has moved in on Tinkerbell's fame and apppears to be making all the social spots with Ms. Hilton. Sorry, Tink... I still love you.

Monday, March 28, 2005

A Huge Talent

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On Friday night I was treated to the Colton Ford documentary (thanks James) at the Quad Cinema, with a Q&A with Mr. Ford himself afterwards. The film entitled Naked Fame, was an examination of Colton's (Glenn) journey as he restarts his career as a singer; while he and his boyfriend Blake (Peter) move beyond their careers as successful gay porn stars. Other porn stars have tried the move to a mainstream career in music, but have not succeeded. The one advantage that Colton has over this other performers is that the boy can definitely sing, and his voice should be heard. You can heard samples of his voice on his website:

To me the most interesting aspect to the film was the relationship that both Colton and Blake shared. Their love and support for one another should be applauded and I wish we saw more of that kind of a relationship reflected in other films.

The one thing I felt the film was missing was more of Colton singing and performing (which I learned at the Q&A so did Colton). But all and all, it was an interesting examination of what one must do in order to follow your dream and how important it is to surround yourself with good people and positive energy. His never give up attitude and drive only solidify what I know will be true... we will soon enough be dancing to another Colton Ford track soon. Good Luck.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Feeling Swell

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Finally some relief from my ever present cough and overall feeling of icky-ness. I cannot believe how quickly this cold came on and left, not that I'm complaining... knock on wood. Spend the whole day watching movies, thank god for Netflix.

Watched the film Riding Giants (I know, sounds like a porn film, but alas its not.) However it does feature fasinating facts and the history of big wave surfers and features a tons of nice looking guys, most notably Laird Hamilton (see pix.). With his laid back demeanor and breathtaking skills at riding giant swells (again, sounds like I'm writing a review of porn... wonder where my head is.) the film is a must see.

Also was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie, Cellular. A good solid popcorn film with twists and turns and a very rock solid performance from Kim Bassinger. Not to mention the eye candy of Chris Evans (who's going to make seeing the Fantastic Four movie that more fantastic) and Jason Statham (a favorite of mine since Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sick Daze

For the past two days been haunted by this terrible hacking couch, scratchy throat and complete loss of energy... stay toned will be back shortly. At least I've had the chance to catch-up on some movies. Maybe a sick-man review upon my return.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Creative Roadblock

Having started a new painting last night, my own insecurities were in effect big time. I know this is usually my process of tearing apart my own work until I get it to a point that I'm happy with, but this past week has been plagued with strife. I just can't seem to get anything I'm remotely happy with. I'm not sure if its just my lack of desire to be working on the piece I started or my general overly tired self. Whatever it is, I'm desperate to get out of this murk and start producing again. Maybe I just need to find a model to inspire me... get the creative juices flowing per say... if anyone reading this out there knows of someone who might be interested in being part of my art, let me know.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Saturday in the City

With the weather delightfully nice on Saturday, I partook in my normal activity (with James) of gallery hoping. Besides absorbing the amazing talent out there, I'm looking to find a gallery to showcase my own work, so the hunt is on. After receiving a few rejections from some spaces, I'm not going to name names, but you know who you are, I've once again started to scout for possible representation. Overall, the work on display this weekend, was inspiring and powerful.

Shows you should check out before they close (March 26)

John Connelly Presents: Andrew Mania
5BE Gallery: KA/VH : RA/AG
Clamp Art: William Ropp: Children


What Happened to My Samara

When the Ring first hit the movie theater, I couldn't get enough of it's creepy visuals, moody atmosphere and the overall doom the characters faced; after all they only had seven days left to live. So imagine my delight when Dreamworks greenlit a sequel. As the clock ticked down to a fever pitch, I still had high hopes. Seven days before the sequel opened, seven days, I watched the first film again, to psyche myself up. Again the original was as classic and as always Naomi Watts really delivered in the film.

Needless to say, opening night came and unfortunately I have to report I was unhappy with the results of the sequel. While it had some good moments, mostly notably the deer scene, the movie was missing the general countdown to devastation which truly captivated me during the first film. Not that most sequels are ever that good, but I had high hopes with this truly creative film. Better luck next time, here's hoping the Ring 3 is better. Or maybe it's better to allow Samara to finally rest... but knowing the money it made this weekend ($36 million) she'll be crawling out of another TV sometime soon.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Queen Bee Guilty

If you have been following the entertainment news, you know that the Queen Bee herself, Lil' Kim was recently found guilty of perjury and conspiracy. My favorite part about the trial was the fact that the defense tried to have the jury believe that due to a pair of dark sunglasses, Lil' Kim was unable to notice two people she knew during a shootout. If only this had worked, it would have been a brilliant marketing tool for that sunglass company, but I digress.

Whether she lied or not, hopefully the red carpet won't have to miss her highly enjoyable sense of fashion and moxy. You have to love a girl, all 4'11" of her, who is so proud of her new breasts that she covers one with just a sequins pasty and heads for a night on the town, or music award show, whatever.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Glamour & Excitement Are Yours

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So, if you know me even just alittle bit, you know that I'm obsessed with reality TV. Well at least most reality television, no "find your perfect romantic other in 8 weeks." One of my favorite guilty pleasures is America's Next Top Model. The drama, the bitchiness, the glamour, and of course Janice Dickinson. Hired for her frank comments, she's definately a scene stealer (but in a good way), she's just an amazing force.

What I love about Janice is how she tells it like it is. Read her book Everything About Me is Fake... But I'm Real and you'll get the picture. I had the honor of meeting Janice at her book signing at the Chelsea Barnes and Noble and let me tell you, that woman is a class act. She embraced her fans with such style and grace, its no wonder she was a favorite fashion model to many. I was lucky enough to grab a photo with her at the signing, where she proceeded to jump on the table to get check-to-check with me. This woman knows how to work and own the room, not to mention every photo she takes. The paparazzi in attendence, were putty to her and when she tired of them, she just brushed them off... always stopping to look her best for one more photo. She's truly one of a kind.