Friday, March 25, 2005

Feeling Swell

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Finally some relief from my ever present cough and overall feeling of icky-ness. I cannot believe how quickly this cold came on and left, not that I'm complaining... knock on wood. Spend the whole day watching movies, thank god for Netflix.

Watched the film Riding Giants (I know, sounds like a porn film, but alas its not.) However it does feature fasinating facts and the history of big wave surfers and features a tons of nice looking guys, most notably Laird Hamilton (see pix.). With his laid back demeanor and breathtaking skills at riding giant swells (again, sounds like I'm writing a review of porn... wonder where my head is.) the film is a must see.

Also was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie, Cellular. A good solid popcorn film with twists and turns and a very rock solid performance from Kim Bassinger. Not to mention the eye candy of Chris Evans (who's going to make seeing the Fantastic Four movie that more fantastic) and Jason Statham (a favorite of mine since Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.)

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