Thursday, March 17, 2005

Glamour & Excitement Are Yours

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So, if you know me even just alittle bit, you know that I'm obsessed with reality TV. Well at least most reality television, no "find your perfect romantic other in 8 weeks." One of my favorite guilty pleasures is America's Next Top Model. The drama, the bitchiness, the glamour, and of course Janice Dickinson. Hired for her frank comments, she's definately a scene stealer (but in a good way), she's just an amazing force.

What I love about Janice is how she tells it like it is. Read her book Everything About Me is Fake... But I'm Real and you'll get the picture. I had the honor of meeting Janice at her book signing at the Chelsea Barnes and Noble and let me tell you, that woman is a class act. She embraced her fans with such style and grace, its no wonder she was a favorite fashion model to many. I was lucky enough to grab a photo with her at the signing, where she proceeded to jump on the table to get check-to-check with me. This woman knows how to work and own the room, not to mention every photo she takes. The paparazzi in attendence, were putty to her and when she tired of them, she just brushed them off... always stopping to look her best for one more photo. She's truly one of a kind.

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