Monday, March 21, 2005

What Happened to My Samara

When the Ring first hit the movie theater, I couldn't get enough of it's creepy visuals, moody atmosphere and the overall doom the characters faced; after all they only had seven days left to live. So imagine my delight when Dreamworks greenlit a sequel. As the clock ticked down to a fever pitch, I still had high hopes. Seven days before the sequel opened, seven days, I watched the first film again, to psyche myself up. Again the original was as classic and as always Naomi Watts really delivered in the film.

Needless to say, opening night came and unfortunately I have to report I was unhappy with the results of the sequel. While it had some good moments, mostly notably the deer scene, the movie was missing the general countdown to devastation which truly captivated me during the first film. Not that most sequels are ever that good, but I had high hopes with this truly creative film. Better luck next time, here's hoping the Ring 3 is better. Or maybe it's better to allow Samara to finally rest... but knowing the money it made this weekend ($36 million) she'll be crawling out of another TV sometime soon.

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