Monday, March 28, 2005

A Huge Talent

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On Friday night I was treated to the Colton Ford documentary (thanks James) at the Quad Cinema, with a Q&A with Mr. Ford himself afterwards. The film entitled Naked Fame, was an examination of Colton's (Glenn) journey as he restarts his career as a singer; while he and his boyfriend Blake (Peter) move beyond their careers as successful gay porn stars. Other porn stars have tried the move to a mainstream career in music, but have not succeeded. The one advantage that Colton has over this other performers is that the boy can definitely sing, and his voice should be heard. You can heard samples of his voice on his website:

To me the most interesting aspect to the film was the relationship that both Colton and Blake shared. Their love and support for one another should be applauded and I wish we saw more of that kind of a relationship reflected in other films.

The one thing I felt the film was missing was more of Colton singing and performing (which I learned at the Q&A so did Colton). But all and all, it was an interesting examination of what one must do in order to follow your dream and how important it is to surround yourself with good people and positive energy. His never give up attitude and drive only solidify what I know will be true... we will soon enough be dancing to another Colton Ford track soon. Good Luck.

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