Wednesday, September 27, 2006

An Inspiring Tale

Today I came across this fascinating and heartwarming story about Winter, a bottlenose dolphin who lost her tail in a unfortunate fishing accident. Scientists at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution are working on the possibility of creating a prosthetic tail for her, the first complete reconstruction of a tail of its kind. The Institute is consulting a diving gear manufacturer, a tire company and the Navy, which has experience attaching items to dolphins for military research. This should be an interesting story to follow along with to see if they are able to produce the tail and if it will be more effective in helping Winter lead a normal life. To read more about this amazing dolphin, click here.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back and Forth

Seems I've pulled my back out again, for the second time in two months. I'm two for two. Will be visiting my amazing physical therapist tomorrow morning and should be back to my spry self in no time. Have no fear, I'll be back to my normal self in no time. But while you're waiting enjoy the sweet vocal sounds of Daniel Cartier.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Easy to Digest

So once again we are greeted with model hopefuls and thank God, loads of drama - and the girls have only been in the house less then a week. ANTM works best when the girls are at each others throats from the get go, clashing of strong egos, bickering and of course the nude photo shoot. This show has produced some amazing reality TV personalities and this year looks like it will chock full of great girls. Monique looks like she will rise to the prize of house bitch (which you know Tyra's going to love to break); not to mention the genius casting of twins (will both girls rise or will one get cut, can't wait for that drama.)

So thank you Tyra for picking explosive personalities, I cannot wait for the fireworks to really get going next week with the make-overs (I'm guessing lots of tears) and one overly dramatic confrontation about telephone use. Genius!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Time for a Shake-Up

Feeling the urge to make some drastic changes in my life... need to find something more rewarding and feel more appreciated in life. Sorry to be so cryptic, but still trying to digest all of these recent events and figure out my next steps. More to come soon.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Survival of the Fittest

So fall reality has begun and of course my first official crush of the season is in effect. J.P., the professional volleyball player from California - hasn't had much air time yet, shame on you Survivor producers. However with 19 other castaways it's always a toss-up to see who pulls ahead early (of course, this can mean they are saving all his air time as he gets closer to the final two - I hope!)

Besides, any survivor who wants to help charities and organizations fight against cancer should make it to the end. But then again, this is the game of Survivor we are talking about and good intentions rarely lead to results. Here's hoping for the best; or at least a few more weeks of oogling his beautiful body and killer smile.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Get Real

Sadly, Supernova made the wrong choice. They had every opportunity to kick ass and not be predictable, however the thing about reality television is always expect the unexpected. I feel like with Lukas as their lead singer, they are just another 'Orgy' rip-off. The Goth look, the abuse of eye shadow, the rooster moves, the marble mouth delivery - I've seen it all before.

And of course there is the internet rumor, that Lukas was selected as the lead singer months ago and the show was just a showcase for him. Makes it hard to believe that this wasn't the case; but Dave Navarro swears it is the case. The only thing that Lukas winning the competition does for me is saves me the $15 I would have spend on their album if Dilana or Toby had won. Have a good tour guys and good luck. I hope you don't look back and regret your choice.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Time to Get Serious

So with the slight weather change and the start of the fall gallery season; it's time to put away the summer mentality and get back to work on my art. Time to refocus and regroup and finish a drawing or two. Still struggling with the drawing of Andy and might need to re-shoot the photographs, to get a pose I am happy with. Thank God, he is approachable and understands what I'm going through - always a good thing to draw a friend and fellow artist. I will keep you up to date, as I progress.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Cruel Summer

Once again fate let's me down for the second summer in a row, Janelle was voted out third once again. She is the best game player Big Brother has ever had and needs to be rewarded with the America's Choice Award of $2,500. The biggest target since the beginning of the game, she stuck to her guns and won competition after competition proving she is not just some silly dumb blonde (I love when people break those stereotypes.)

I do believe if she had made it to the final two, she would have been crowded the winner of AllStars. Now we are left with two unsatisfying competitors - it's last season all over again. If you haven't voted for Janelle to win the fan favorite, do so now - text #7 to 81818.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Storm Front

Sadly, Storm Large was eliminated from the hunt for Supernova's lead singer last night - which in my humble opinion was a wrong decision. Her original song Ladylike, was perhaps the best song of the previous evening and she always gave inspired performances. While I do not think she was ideal as the lead singer for the band, I do feel she should have had the opportunity to perform in the finale.

I really wanted to see Supernova fronted by a powerful female vocalist; with Dilana as the last woman standing the odds don't look very good. Of course by this time next week, I may be celebrating her victory (one can hope and pray.) Of course, both women should have a long career ahead of them, both are amazing. Good luck next week Dilana. And Storm, I'll be one of the first to buy the Ladylike single when it's pressed. Rock On!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Summer Reality Comes to a Close

With the fall TV season looming, that can mean only one thing - networks push through the end of their summer programming. My predicted winners of a few of my favorite summer guilty pleasures:

Big Brother: All Stars - I would like to see Janelle take it to the bitter end, but unless she wises-up and breaks the spell of the Evil Doctor - prepare to see Will win once again.
RockStar: Supernova - No big surprise here, I think Dilana should walk away with the title (if Tommy and the boys want any hope of scoring a hit record).
Project Runway - I predict the final three are: Michael, Uli and Jeffrey. I suspect, we will have a few surprises coming along the way. This is a hard call, because there is (in my opinion) no stand out designers in this bunch. But I am enjoying the season immensely.
Inturn - The winner is Alex, the unfortunately typecasted nerd of the group. Who was extremely likeable and charming and a deserved winner of the competition. Good luck with your 13 week contract; I think we can expect interesting things from you in the future. And remember, Patrick Dempsey started out playing the nerd and look at him now.

Of course all of these shows will be wrapping up, as Survivor: Cook Islands and The Amazing Race kick-off. I for one am a very happy camper.