Thursday, September 14, 2006

Get Real

Sadly, Supernova made the wrong choice. They had every opportunity to kick ass and not be predictable, however the thing about reality television is always expect the unexpected. I feel like with Lukas as their lead singer, they are just another 'Orgy' rip-off. The Goth look, the abuse of eye shadow, the rooster moves, the marble mouth delivery - I've seen it all before.

And of course there is the internet rumor, that Lukas was selected as the lead singer months ago and the show was just a showcase for him. Makes it hard to believe that this wasn't the case; but Dave Navarro swears it is the case. The only thing that Lukas winning the competition does for me is saves me the $15 I would have spend on their album if Dilana or Toby had won. Have a good tour guys and good luck. I hope you don't look back and regret your choice.

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