Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Summer Reality Comes to a Close

With the fall TV season looming, that can mean only one thing - networks push through the end of their summer programming. My predicted winners of a few of my favorite summer guilty pleasures:

Big Brother: All Stars - I would like to see Janelle take it to the bitter end, but unless she wises-up and breaks the spell of the Evil Doctor - prepare to see Will win once again.
RockStar: Supernova - No big surprise here, I think Dilana should walk away with the title (if Tommy and the boys want any hope of scoring a hit record).
Project Runway - I predict the final three are: Michael, Uli and Jeffrey. I suspect, we will have a few surprises coming along the way. This is a hard call, because there is (in my opinion) no stand out designers in this bunch. But I am enjoying the season immensely.
Inturn - The winner is Alex, the unfortunately typecasted nerd of the group. Who was extremely likeable and charming and a deserved winner of the competition. Good luck with your 13 week contract; I think we can expect interesting things from you in the future. And remember, Patrick Dempsey started out playing the nerd and look at him now.

Of course all of these shows will be wrapping up, as Survivor: Cook Islands and The Amazing Race kick-off. I for one am a very happy camper.

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