Thursday, September 21, 2006

Easy to Digest

So once again we are greeted with model hopefuls and thank God, loads of drama - and the girls have only been in the house less then a week. ANTM works best when the girls are at each others throats from the get go, clashing of strong egos, bickering and of course the nude photo shoot. This show has produced some amazing reality TV personalities and this year looks like it will chock full of great girls. Monique looks like she will rise to the prize of house bitch (which you know Tyra's going to love to break); not to mention the genius casting of twins (will both girls rise or will one get cut, can't wait for that drama.)

So thank you Tyra for picking explosive personalities, I cannot wait for the fireworks to really get going next week with the make-overs (I'm guessing lots of tears) and one overly dramatic confrontation about telephone use. Genius!

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