Thursday, August 31, 2006

Adrenaline Junkie

So as the summer comes to a slow descent, we are about to get treated to one more heat wave, in the form of Jason Statham. With his new film, Crank scheduled to open on Friday, Statham plays a hitman injected with a toxic poison that will kill him if he doesn't keep his adrenaline up. Of course, what I really expect will happen is it will be the audience that is all pumped up - not only by the non-stop action, but by Statham himself.

The man truly deserves his mantle of the next action hero, not to mention he oozes sex appeal and charm. Don't believe me, watch Snatch, Transporter 2 or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Oh, and there is a much talked about scene in Crank where he rides down the highway in just a hospital gown bare-assed. Enjoy the rush!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

For Those About to Rock

So after last night's performance there is no doubt in my mind, that Dilana will win this competition. Or at least in a perfect world, she'll nab the whole thing. However, I am impressed with the level of all of the singers still left rocking it out - week after week - true powerhouses. And on a wild guess, my prediction for the rocker to go home tonight, Ryan.

I would also like to say how impressed I am that Janelle is still kicking ass on
Big Brother. Once again, the girl deserves to win out of her sheer game play and determination. However, the most deserved usually end up going out third - hopefully Janelle's luck doesn't run out like last season. Keep up the good fight, girl.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Double Standard

So one of the problems with reality television is how talent doesn't always lead to success. And how through clever editing, you can create a villain in one hour. A perfect example of this is the lashing Dilana received last night on RockStar:Supernova.

Clearly, the girl is the front-runner and the other rockers know this. So in order to level out the playing field, the editors of the show highlight her saying some truthful and honest things about her fellow competitors. She then is given a stern talk-to by Dave Navaro and of course the crowd joins in on the beating down of her for it (online, she has received a vicious lashing as well.) The thing that amazes me, is how last year J.D. was more cocky and he didn't possess half the talent she does, yet got off scott free for his actions.

It seems to me, the old double standard is in play - if a woman is strong and assertive, she's a bitch. If a man does it, he's a leader and is rewarded for his confidence. Hopefully, Dilana will deliver another breath-taking performance next Tuesday and this little bump in the road will long be over. Dilana, if you are reading this - keep rocking. I applaud you for your confidence in your talent.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Swamped Life

Sorry for not posting lately, been swamped with a big presentation at work. I promise to get back to all things Out and Out Reality based after Thursday. In the mean time, enjoy some eye candy via the blog simple entitled Beautiful. However, be warned the site does contain some amazing examples of the male form. Talk soon dear readers.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Soap, Dish

OK, I can admit it - I love reality TV, almost any kind of reality show. I love the competitive genre where would-be hopefuls compete for fabulous prizes and the chance to be the winner of "something or other." Which of course brings up my latest discovery,'s Inturn, where eight would-be soap studs and divas compete for a 13-week contact on As the World Turns. Brilliant!

It possesses all the drama and strife of any classic reality show, so of course I'm hooked and love how soap opera-ish their lives are as the compete. I cannot wait until they have to reenact a death or love scene. And the best part about the show is, you can watch any or all of the episodes whenever you want. I predict the winner will be either Justin or Geneva.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Rough Start

Started a new painting last night and ran into a few snags along the way; struggling to work through them. My biggest problem so far is capturing the likeness of my model and finding a pose that's both captivating and interesting to draw. Hopefully when I start to tackle the painting tonight, I will be able to move past some of these issues and really feel like I'm not wasting my time and effort. Stay tuned, dear readers - and wish me luck!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Death Becomes Her

So of course I loved The Descent, which I took in Sunday night to a sold out crowd of energetic screamers. One of the best parts of seeing a good horror film (OK, any horror film) on the big screen is the crowds reaction and the jumps and bumps that happen throughout the film - which The Descent has in spades.

First off writer/director Neil Marshall has other successful horror film under his belt. If you haven't seen
Dog Soldiers (his first film), I recommend running out to your video store and renting it. Ignore the bad art on the DVD cover, the film is stunning. Secondly, he presents us with strong adventurous women who are thrill seekers and are not above fighting back. Each actress cast is remarkable and deserves a long career ahead. The subterranean creatures were well designed and perfect adversaries for our band of female victims. The whole film has a warm claustrophobic feeling (if you have ever walked on climbed through a cave - you know the feeling) which only amplifies the danger and dread. Finally, the film might not be completely original, but it does hold numerous surprises to make it truly a horror masterpiece. Run out and scream it, dear readers - you have a shocking good time, I promise.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Blonde Ambition, Part 2

So I hope blonde vixen Janelle survives another week in the Big Brother: All Stars house. However she might have played the game too hard, too quickly and I have a feeling this will ultimately lead to her demise. With a target on her back since day one she has been a force to reckon with, but by loosing James and Marcellas as allies by doing Will's bidding - I have a feeling by next Thursday, she will be sitting and talking with Julie. Unless some unforeseen miracle happens, Janey your days are up.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You Better Work

With Workout, Bravo has another solid winner on their hands. The show works best when our fearless fitness guru and owner of Sky Sport and Spa Jackie Warner is being completely unguarded and serving as one part den mother, one part controlling boss. She's both extremely motivating and demanding - and you have to respect that. She treats her clients like gold and expects nothing less then that from her staff.

The girl is a force of nature and I expect with this television show, she will become the next big icon in the fitness industry. How far behind can it be before we have DVD workouts from her and her trainers. I'm guessing around the holiday season. In addition, she's got the trainers wearing kick-ass t-shirts. But at $48 a pop, it's a bit much for this starving artist's budget.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Hairy Situation

Note to Jeremy Piven, stop shaving or waxing your chest. You look so much better with your natural pelt (just a thought.) I will step down off of my soap box now. Enjoy the show!