Thursday, August 24, 2006

Double Standard

So one of the problems with reality television is how talent doesn't always lead to success. And how through clever editing, you can create a villain in one hour. A perfect example of this is the lashing Dilana received last night on RockStar:Supernova.

Clearly, the girl is the front-runner and the other rockers know this. So in order to level out the playing field, the editors of the show highlight her saying some truthful and honest things about her fellow competitors. She then is given a stern talk-to by Dave Navaro and of course the crowd joins in on the beating down of her for it (online, she has received a vicious lashing as well.) The thing that amazes me, is how last year J.D. was more cocky and he didn't possess half the talent she does, yet got off scott free for his actions.

It seems to me, the old double standard is in play - if a woman is strong and assertive, she's a bitch. If a man does it, he's a leader and is rewarded for his confidence. Hopefully, Dilana will deliver another breath-taking performance next Tuesday and this little bump in the road will long be over. Dilana, if you are reading this - keep rocking. I applaud you for your confidence in your talent.

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