Monday, August 07, 2006

Death Becomes Her

So of course I loved The Descent, which I took in Sunday night to a sold out crowd of energetic screamers. One of the best parts of seeing a good horror film (OK, any horror film) on the big screen is the crowds reaction and the jumps and bumps that happen throughout the film - which The Descent has in spades.

First off writer/director Neil Marshall has other successful horror film under his belt. If you haven't seen
Dog Soldiers (his first film), I recommend running out to your video store and renting it. Ignore the bad art on the DVD cover, the film is stunning. Secondly, he presents us with strong adventurous women who are thrill seekers and are not above fighting back. Each actress cast is remarkable and deserves a long career ahead. The subterranean creatures were well designed and perfect adversaries for our band of female victims. The whole film has a warm claustrophobic feeling (if you have ever walked on climbed through a cave - you know the feeling) which only amplifies the danger and dread. Finally, the film might not be completely original, but it does hold numerous surprises to make it truly a horror masterpiece. Run out and scream it, dear readers - you have a shocking good time, I promise.

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