Friday, October 28, 2005

Stacked No More?

So it looks like Pam Anderson is going to elevate some of her back problems. It's been reported that Pam (who by the way I love) is having her breasts reduced. Hopefully this reduction will not hinder her career, I believe she is a gifted comedian and having less exaggerated proportions will allow her more diverse work. I know thousand of Playboy readers weep silent tears of sadness, but I support her decision.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Pretty Hate Machine

With the AAF Contemporary Art Fair in full swing, I don't have a lot of time to blog, however I would like to leave you with "My Crush of the Week", NIN's frontman Trent Reznor. Is it just me or has he gotten hotter year after year. Not to mention he's an amazing performer and musician. Rock on, Trent.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Price is Right

For the third year, as part of my job at SVA, I was partly responsible for selecting the recent graduates who will be showing at the Visual Arts Gallery/SVA booth (#215) at the AAF Contemporary Art Fair. This year we have 11 amazingly talented artists covering drawing, sculpture, photography, painting and etching. I'm extremely proud of each one of them and look forward to seeing them all succeed. If you have time in the next few days (the Fair runs till Sunday) stop by Pier 92 on 52nd Street. I hope to see all of you there, dear readers.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Outplayed and Eliminated

Finally, this season of Survivor is getting under way. Sadly, Brian was voted out during a double elimination week. Not that this surprises me, he was too smart for his own good. I see his demise do to his fact that he's smart and knew the game by studying the other seasons and ultimately would have been a threat when it came down to mentally out smarting his tribe members. Shame, it would have been nice to see him go a bit further, he's comments will be missed.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Body of Work

I cannot be more excited, more then 150 paintings and drawings by Egon Schiele opens today at Neue Galerie (1048 Fifth Avenue at 86th Street.) We'll have these brilliant works of art for five months in New York City and I highly recommend checking it out. His masterful handling of the human form and nearly perfect color selections will be a gem to see in the flesh, room after room. My excitement for this show, not to mention how I'm sure seeing the work will inspire me to get back to painting hardcore, is overflowing. Just the thought of his work gets me inspired. I also have exciting news that's too early to discuss, but keep reading and I promise to disclose all soon.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Assassination Tango

So I just saw the trailer for Aeon Flux and I'm totally stoked to see this film. Based on the very cool cartoon of the same name, which aired on MTV, back in the days when MTV still did ground-breaking animated television. The show was best known for its opening where a fly buzzed around a large eyeball, only to be caught in its lashes like a Venus flytrap. If the movie is half as cool as the TV show, we should be up for a wild ride on December 2nd. See you opening night, readers.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Forever Young

So with a dozen days to go till my favorite holiday, I thought I would start a countdown by mentioning some of my all time favorite horror films. Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys has it all... vampires, strange surreal beach surroundings, a kickass rock-n-roll soundtrack and Joel's eye for casting beautiful people. Jason Patric, Jamie Gertz, Kiefer Sutherland, and Billy Wirth; there's a reason why those four are some prominent on the theatrical poster. Anyhow, I know the movie's a bit cheesy, but I'm never bored watching it and it gives me great pleasure with the visuals. One question though. What's with the Rob Lowe poster on Corey Haim's bedroom wall?

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shaken and Stirred

So with the announcement of Daniel Craig as the new 007, this gives me a chance to talk about my Crush of the Week. Let's talk about Mr. Daniel Craig. I first noticed his sexy charms in Laura Craft: Tomb Raider where he was featured exiting a shower and holding a conversation with Angelina in the nude. Most recently, I was enthralled by his performance in Layer Cake, a British gangster movie, which if you have the chance I recommend renting on DVD.

I love fearless actors who can tackle any acting challenge given to them and be so convincing... the lover of Francis Bacon, the lost intellectual in Enduring Love, and not to mention romance an older woman so passionately in The Mother. This man will slip into James Bond's charming allures with such gusto, capturing the bad guy and leaving a bevy of beautiful women in his wake. I for one and excited to see him tackle this icon and make it his own.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Curious? Curious

So it appears that I may have been right and Madonna will be performing this weekend at the Roxy. How else could we explain her entering the nightclub on Sunday. Thanks to
Andy Towle and Made in Brazil for the heads-up.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rumor Has It

So when a little rumor that Madonna would be performing at the Roxy in New York on October 22nd surfaced, promoters John Blair and Beto Suto immediately went to work squelching it. Weird, that the Roxy folks would place an e-mail out crushing it, when the last time she was rumored to appear, they did nothing to stop it.

It also makes you wonder if they didn't send the e-mail out to create a buzz for the 22nd? Or maybe she really is performing (one could only wish.) Cause you know, even though they are denying her appearance, people will still horde the club, just in case. So, I'm sure I'll see some of you dear readers on the dance floor.

And Madonna if you reading, keep up the good work and it will be heaven to have you back ruling the night.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Torch Snuffed?

So it appears there is talk about Jeff Probst leaving Survivor after this season. Let's hope that's all it is, talk. Tribal council without Jeff's witty pointed comments would be like Top Model's judging without Janice Dickinson... boring and lacking sparks. Not to mention, the man has the best set of dimples in television.

So, I hope he'll reconsider leaving. Although if he does leave, the man they are looking at to replace him wouldn't be half bad, Andrew Savage from Survivor: Pearl Islands. At least he's been through the game and knowledgeable about the ins and outs; he's just no Jeff. This tribe has spoken.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Out and Proud

Today is National Coming Out Day, so what a better way to celebrate then by running this cool photo of Ms. Diana Ross. Besides her song should be the theme song of the day. Enjoy, my brothers and sisters.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Evolution of the Night

So I caught the second episode of Nightstalker last night and I'm intrigued. I'm trying to keep my television to the bare essentials (Survivor, Top Model, Lost) but something tells me that this show could have legs, given it sticks around for a while. I have to admit, I never saw the original show that this was based on and can't give you an opinion which one is better, but I think both Stuart Townsend and Gabrielle Union keep the show interesting with their top notch acting and good on-screen chemistry. Should be interesting to see how this supernatural show evolves, as we get to know these characters better. So if you haven't given the show a shot, tune in Thursday's at 9.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Marry Me Jayne

Having seen Serenity this past weekend, Adam Baldwin (no relation to Alex or Stephen) qualifies for my Crush of the Week. He oozes charm as Jayne, with his rugged handsome face and quick wit. I cannot think of anyone else I wouldn't mind traveling around the solar system with. I'm still shocked at home amazing he looks, if you can remember back in 1980, he first appeared in the movie My Bodyguard, he could guard me any day.

Having only seen a handful of episodes of the TV show to which Serenity comes from, I was generally impressed with how well the movie flowed whether you had a history with the show or not. Hopefully this will not be the last we see of this hunky space crew.

PS- Runner up Crush of the Week is Nathan Fillion, who plays the handsome captain of the ship.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Too Hot to Handle?

So it appears that the FDNY might be pulling the plug on it's annual Calendar of Heroes, due to the fact that some involved do not believe that our bravest should be featured shirtless and adored as sex symbols. I just cannot believe that someone would be willing to give up $250,000 a year (which is what the calendar raises annually) for the FDNY Fire Safety Education Fund, over the fact that they see this as a tasteless act. I know every time there is a fire drill at my office, many stick around just to watch those brave men show up. These men are sexy and should be appreciated for their beauty, it's not like they are being forced to pose for the calendar. When did this country become so prudish?

Monday, October 03, 2005

We'll Always Have Paris

So what I'm sure does not come to anyone's surprise, my favorite tanorexic heiress is not going to get married. The wedding of Paris Squared is officially over. Paris (the female) was quoted as saying she wasn't ready to give up her career and was two young and didn't want her marriage to end in divorce.

Good for her, but it makes you wonder why she would except the engagement ring if those are her reasons to call off the wedding or maybe there's more to the story then we are privileged to know. Ah, the lives of the rich and famous. But you have to give the girl kudos for not rushing into it and then pulling a Britney and getting annulled a week later.