Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shaken and Stirred

So with the announcement of Daniel Craig as the new 007, this gives me a chance to talk about my Crush of the Week. Let's talk about Mr. Daniel Craig. I first noticed his sexy charms in Laura Craft: Tomb Raider where he was featured exiting a shower and holding a conversation with Angelina in the nude. Most recently, I was enthralled by his performance in Layer Cake, a British gangster movie, which if you have the chance I recommend renting on DVD.

I love fearless actors who can tackle any acting challenge given to them and be so convincing... the lover of Francis Bacon, the lost intellectual in Enduring Love, and not to mention romance an older woman so passionately in The Mother. This man will slip into James Bond's charming allures with such gusto, capturing the bad guy and leaving a bevy of beautiful women in his wake. I for one and excited to see him tackle this icon and make it his own.

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