Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscars Make Me A Grouch

So last night's
Oscars was a bit of a disappointment -- ok, it was more then just a bit, everything about the night was just a bit too safe. First off, what happened to at least one of two fashion disasters. Everyone was so groomed and primped for the big night, no one took any risks and lacked a sense of daringness like the old days with Cher or Bjork walked the red carpet.

Secondly, although Ang won for best director, Brokeback Mountain did not win for best picture losing to Magnolia, oh I mean Crash. Just trade in some LA snowflakes for frogs... think about it. Magnolia was a better film, too.

Thirdly, if you're going to do a movie montage about how movies tackle important social issues of the day like AIDS and racism, why not include this year's nominees in that category. Hello, Brokeback, Crash, TransAmerica all played to big audiences this year.

Overall, I just wanted one surprise. One shining moment where I could gasp with shock and awe; like giving the award to a desperate housewife or a pimp. You couldn't give me just one, just one Oscar.

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