Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Past & History

With jury duty tomorrow, I thought it only fitting to talk about The History of Violence, starting a fantastic Viggo Mortensen. The film speaks of redemption, concealing one's past and starting over - and whether we can truly escape our past crimes or lives. Viggo's solid performance is backed by an outstanding supporting cast of Maria Bello, William Hurt and Ed Harris. The film recently came out on DVD and I recommend a viewing.

My love affair with Viggo came way before he ever made those Tolken films, with a simple color photograph of a plastic lawn flower poolside. I can still see that picture crystal clear in my mind and can remember when I knew him as a talented photographer who exhibited at Robert Mann Gallery here in New York. I hope he still has time to make images like that, these days with his busy film schedule. And if anyone knows where one can get the catalog from that show, please let me know.

See you in three days after my civic duty, where hopefully justice prevails and I have something interesting to talk about.

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