Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cool Rider

The year was 1982 when I first spotted him. Shaking his ass in white leather in the sacred halls of Rydell High, and since then my undoubted crush has still remained in tack for Maxwell Caulfield. Today, I learned that he will be appearing off-Broadway in the show entitled Tryst, where he will play a conman who seduces love-starved women and according to the "press materials" will appear nude in the show. Talk about a way to fill seats! He still looks amazing at the age of 46, as the above photo showcases, and the play sounds like it might be a winner with twists and turns. Previews for the play start March 21 and it opens on April 6 at the Promenade Theatre. Tickets are $45 to $65. I expect with the allure of Mr. Caulfield in the bare, these tickets will go quickly.

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