Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Land of Peaches & Implants

So with bad internet connections while in my hotel, I had to wait until my return to post my top five favorite things seen during the art fairs in Miami:

5- As seen above, these classy mannequins graced the window of the store simply titled Excess. You got to love a town that caters to the implant nation.

4- Julie Hefferman's painting entitled Self Portrait as Tender Mercenary at the Catharine Clark Gallery booth (Pulse Art Fair).
3- Walking on the beach in December, nothing finer than escaping the cold for a while.
2- The Chihuahua wearing a protective collar lamp... simply a classic. Photo posting coming soon, I promise. Also a great X-Mas present for me if you know where to buy one.
1- Peaches rocking the shit out of the Art Positions opening. Anyone who can wear at least 5 different pairs of underwear at once, have three costume changes on stage, not to mention starting your show with 80's hair-metal Europe's The Final Countdown - kicks some serious ass. Give that girl her props, she's truly original and closing her show by running down to the water's edge to jump in the water naked - brilliant.

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