Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Instinct Proves Right

So this past season of Survivor, I had a big huge crush on J.P. Calderon, who unfortunately didn't make it very far on the show. Good news was that my favorite supermodel Janice Dickinson was smart enough to realize talent and good looks when she sees them and snatched him up for her agency and her reality television show. On tonight's episode (1 of 2 parts) of the show, J.P. has the opportunity to land the cover of a national magazine - the only problem is he needs to 'out' himself to do it. Based on the cover shot I've seen, he dives in and lands the cover of Instinct Magazine's February issue which is bound for newsstands any day now. Congratulations J.P. for being brave enough to go for it, and I'm sure that's just the start of plenty more to come.

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