Wednesday, April 25, 2007

An Open Letter to LaKisha

It must be hard coming from being the front-runner in the competition to being blasted weekly by the judges - somewhere along the way Randy, Paula and Simon turned their backs on you. Perhaps it has something to do with your song choices the past two weeks - stay away from songs sung by former contestants of the show. The judges do not approve. While I'm not familiar with Fantasia's version of the song you sung last night, which in my opinion you sang the shit out of, the judges blasted you on it. Perhaps you are being out diva-ed by Melinda and Jordis; or maybe the judges have become so focused on the two of them that you unfortunately have been pushed aside, a causality of the cruel fate of a singing competition.

If you go home tonight, it is not because you don't have talent in spades - it's because teenage girls have voted to keep a Justin Timberlake clone around cause they think he's cute. It has nothing to do with real vocal talent - you have it; he doesn't. As Randy would say, "Just keeping it real, dog!" Hopefully this note will all be for naught, and you'll be around another week. But if not, keep your head-up girl, you have made your daughter immensely proud.

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Anonymous said...

Many Nerds won't be returning. Some old timers I remember from last year, people like Trenchcoat Mafia, Silk Dragon Shirt, probably won't be coming back next year.
Spamming blogs I put their names up, immortalizing them, if only until the blog owner erases everything::::
1. Trenchcoat Mafia
2. Silk Dragon Shirt
3. The Distinguished English Gentleman
4. Beta Nerd, and of course
5. Rosie The Transsexual
Rosie's original name was just Rosie, due to his rosie cheeks. They shared he has a high level of knowledge, a tactic the gods employ to create a false sense of security. This of course is the segment which they dump so many transsexuals into.
I too enjoy irony, and therefore Rosie has now become Rosie The Transsexual.
Who else has a nickname in the NerdRoom?

I'd like to remind you many of the people in the NerdRoom are good men. I hope this is reflected in what they are allowed to learn and the progress they're allowed to make.
I'd also like to remind you their predecessors, REAL nerds from a generation ago who fill the computer swap meet, are WONDERFUL men, and since I likely won't be going again I want to remember them as well.

Actually the comparison of the two is a testiment to the devolution of society, which will be used as justification for the Apocalypse:::
Today's nerds are NOT wonderful men. They grew up with the internet and many consider pornography as an acceptable vice. They gamble freely, enjoy evil imagry in video games, and this issue is a microcosim of our deterioration.