Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oh the Horror!

File this under movies that never needed remaking. It has just been announced that Michael Bay will be bringing a remake of Friday the 13th to the theaters sometime in the near future. He has hired the two writers of Freddy vs. Jason in to revamp the Crystal Lake killer in a retelling of the original horror franchise. However, instead of keeping the overprotective killer mother, Bay and company think it will be more interesting to jump right to dealing with Jason.

This to me is mistake one. The reason the original is so scary is with a crazed mother as the killer, it snaps the movie into a sort of foggy reality. The fact that a mother - could and would go on a killing spree to stop the reopening of the camp where her son died makes for a frighting twist - not to mention a real one. When she is beheaded, there is no returning from the dead 100 times.

Secondly, the reason Jason arose from the dead was to enact revenge for the death of his mother, so without her set-up as the original killer why does Jason need to surface?

Thirdly, do we really need another remake of a classic 80's horror film. I think not, there has got to be some fresh blood (pun intended) out there in the horror genre. So let's get a bit creative and produce some original voices and scares...