Friday, December 09, 2005

Home on the Range

So Brokeback Mountain opens today in New York (in only 3 friggin' theaters... talk about limited release) and I thought it was only fair to salute the other New York cowboy, the naked one. Although the winter weather does not allow us to bask in the glory of a muscular former model turned cowboy boot wearing, lyric singing tourist attraction. I still salute you.

I thought it was time to give you your props Naked Cowboy for the brave fact, that come hell or high water you are out there daily in your two pairs of underwear (so as not to scare those mid-western housewives, or threaten their husbands masculinity, God forbid we see any outlines or bulges), flexing endlessly for photo after photo, and bringing a little country to our fair city. Time Square just wouldn't be the same without you. See you in the spring, guitar strings blazing. Rock On!

PS- So until your return, I'll have to turn to Jake for warmth (something tells me, you won't mind.)

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