Monday, December 12, 2005

Two for Zero

So once again, I'm wrong at picking the winner of my favorite reality shows. First the end of ANTM pulls a fast one and awards the title to Nicole (very beautiful, just doesn't have the presence that Nik was able to captivate in a photograph) and then a surprise victory for Danni on the season's end of Survivor.

I'm still surprised that Rafe and Stephanie were stupid enough to not eliminate a huge threat to their success as Danni. I understand she a very likeable person and easy to be around, but if you're going to bring someone like Lydia to the final four (sorry Lydia) who doesn't pose a possible threat, you could have secured your place in the final two, so why eliminate her fourth. By keep Lydia till third, you would have secured yourself a place in the final two and the jury would have to award a victory to the people who had the most say in why they are on the panel. Not smart game-playing, but until I'm in their shoes (think Survivor 13), I can't say how much personal friendships and loyalties play into the game.

Congratulations to both Nicole and Danni, great game-playing and welcome to reality TV history.

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