Wednesday, June 07, 2006

An Open Letter

So the blog-a-verse was a buzz with the news of a Boston Macy's caving in to some right wingnut's pressure to remove their Gay Pride mannequins. I was so disheartened over this story today I wrote a letter to Christine Stewart, the Customer Service Specialist at Macy's. I suggest you might want to do the same and let your voice be heard.

My letter read as this:

Ms. Stewart,

I was sadden to learn today that Macy's Department
Store pulled two male mannequins from your Boston
store - due to complaints over content celebrating gay
pride. In no way were the mannequins offense. The
store did not purchase new mannequins for the display,
place them in any compromising situations or rely on
shock value to stir controversy.

The sad part about their removal is that if this were
a St. Patrick's Day or Christmas window, your store
would not have compromised over the content or bowed
to pressure from any other group to remove any part of
those windows. And for that, I am truly saddened.

My grandmother in the late 60s worked as a seamstress
for your company and I was always extremely proud of
such an accomplishment. Today, I am saddened to say,
that unless you correct the damage you have already
done, you have lost another customer.

Dan Halm

1 comment:

buff said...

Glad you wrote to Macy's about their most unforgiveable mistake.
Macy's should be ashamed of themselves. They have slapped gay pride and cater to their so called customer base, which may or may not exist in the now 49 states where they operate. Gay men have made Macy's and gay men can bring it down.