Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sisters Are Doing It...

OK boys, you can pack it in - the girls really showed who's the boss last night on Idol. But of course, we say goodbye to two of the lovely ladies, as well as two men this evening. By all accounts there are some front runners already this season and I would be completely shocked if the final two are not women. I have a feeling the men are going to get picked off pretty quickly this season.

But back to the last nights performances. There were only three underwhelming performances last night in my opinion and I'm guessing that Haley Scarnato (never do a song they are going to recap before you sing it and you need to not come across so old) and Alaina Alexander (can't even remember what you sang) will go home tonight. If either one of these girls is safe, I believe Antonella Barba will be packing her party bags and heading back to the Jersey shore.

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