Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Reality Comes to an End

So over the next few weeks all of the reality programs I watch will be officially over. We will be graced with a top model, a singing idol, globe trotting victors and a sole survivor.

My guesses for the winners are as follows:

Amazing Race- Uchenna & Joyce, the real heart and soul of the competition. Besides any woman brave enough to shave her head (which by the way, she looks amazing) for a TV show deserves to win the money. And while Rob & Amber are fun villains, they don't really need any more attention.

American Idol- I think this should be the easiest to predict, but then again never under estimate the American public. The winner should be Bo Bice. Besides, it would be nice to see Idol create a southern rocker.

America's Next Top Model- This one I'm going with my heart and saying that Brittany wins the cat fight and will be gracing the pages of Elle Magazine. As I've said before, she's got a fun, effervescence spirit that I find endearing, I just hope its enough to pull her into the lead.

Survivor: Palau- Always the most difficult to predict who will win, because the person usually best suited for victory is not the one rewarded. I'm going to say that Ian Rosenberger will win this go around. Because of any of the survivors who has a good chance of sticking it out till the final two and then winning based on his good nature, it's Ian.

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