Monday, May 02, 2005

Some Brotherly Love

Spent the weekend in Philadelphia with James and Calvin. It's been almost ten years since I last made a trip into the city and I wasn't disappointed going back. First off, I was able to stay at the Ritz Carlton, thanks to Calvin's generosity, thanks Calvin... my travel budget usually leaves me with enough money to stay at a cheaper hotel, so chocolates on the pillow is a surprise that I could get use to.

Skate punks must die: I'm all for the skating community, but please don't use my favorite fountain as your personal trashing grounds. If you have to skate in the basin of the fountain, please don't use the fountain itself as your launch pad... or get angry when other people want to use the space as well.

Speaking of sculpture: The city is rich with it and I sort of became obsessed with documenting it photographically, I should be able posting images shortly.

Woody's: Had a blast tearing up the dance floor on Saturday night with James. The crowd was lively and the music was fun. Nobody taking anything too seriously, was nice for a change not to deal with attitude on the floor.

Swim, Calvin, swim: Calvin kicked some ass and got two ribbons in two different butterfly strokes events at the We The People swim meet. Congratulations, Calvin.

Wild Animals Couldn't Keep Me: Ok, I'm a sucker for seeing animals that one does not see on a daily basis and the Philadelphia Zoo did not disappoint. The grounds are amazing and the space was well kept. However I do hope at some point they give the elephants, rhinos, and hippos more space.

All and all, the trip was a grand success... The bus ride was a bit hellish, but I was able to hold hands with James the entire ride home, so that made it heavenly.

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