Thursday, April 28, 2005

Struggle, Sweat and Oh My God

Have the first set of lines down on the new painting of Jeff. There is always this very brief moment where I go from hating what I'm doing, to getting inspired enough to see what direction the painting is heading. I'm finding drawing him to be pretty easy and I'm glad about that, I always hate attempting to capture the subject's likeness and not being able to do so. Also getting ready to apply the first layer of paint to the paper, and trying to come up with a color palette that I feel best represents what I'm trying to accomplish here, I believe I'm leaning towards more greens and blues, but of course that can all change once the first color hits the paper.

Something that completely hit me off guard was waking up to a weird announcement. In the smells like 'we need to get Brad and Angelina off the covers' comes news confirmed by both publicists for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes that the two of them are a couple. What?!? I've heard of very bizarre pairs before, but this screams 'it's time to start promoting the new Batman and remake of War of the Worlds,' which two stars can we throw together.

Lord knows the paparazzi will be happy, they haven't had this much fun with a May/December relationship since Demi and Aston. I wonder if anybody else will make the big deal of Tom's and Katie's age differences or is that only news when a woman dates a much younger man. It should be fun to see if this couple lasts longer then the run of their movies in the theaters. I'll keep you posted.

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