Monday, April 25, 2005

Model Inspiration

So I've been lucky to have worked with numerous great models for my paintings and I will get the opportunity to work with another this afternoon, Jeff. It's always fun working with someone new, the energy and passion they bring to posing for me always takes my work to another level. Not to mention that there is nothing finer then working with someone who truly finds you work inspiring and eagerly looks forward to posing (thanks Jeff.)

I can usually tell within meeting someone in the first ten minutes where or not they will make a good model for me. The thing I liked about Jeff from our first meeting, besides the fact that he's very handsome, is his heart. While chatting (quite easily) in Union Square, he would casually pick up pieces of newspaper as the wind whisked them by us. The other thing that intrigues me, is the tattoo he sports on his abdomen, a pattern I hope to use in the painting that I create from our photo shoot. I will keep you informed dear readers how the shoot goes and ultimately, how the painting turns out. I'm off to create some art.

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