Thursday, July 28, 2005

Unexpected Surprise

So it was just two years ago today, that my whole life changed for the better. Funny how your life can take such drastic turns when you least expect it too. While chatting online, I happened to come across this interesting profile and began chatting and flirting nervously, with strangely enough this headless torso. Granted it was a beautiful torso. However, instead of overtly sexual pick-up lines, we began chatting about art and things that were making my heart melt. Not to mention heavy flirting. This was too good to be true and figured that I was either being duped or would arrive to find someone who completely did not live up to my expectations.

Nervous about meeting this cousin of the Headless Horseman, I arrived armed with one thing that I was truly confident about, a portfolio of my artwork. I had asked this torso to possibly pose for me and figured it was my best way to break the ice. After I arrived at the apartment on 14th Street and composed enough courage to ring the buzzer, I started my ascent up the five flights of stairs. Taking a few moments to keep my composure on the stair landings, ever so often.

Upon ringing the door bell, I took one last breath while hearing the footsteps approach the door. The excitement was almost too much to handle. What would this person look like, would my nerves make me talk and talk, and talk... or would there be no spark and would I spend the rest of the evening attempting to escape without coming across like an ass. With the turn of two dead-bolt locks and the opening of the door, I was stunned almost to the point of breathlessness by the man who stood before me.

6'2", dreamy blue eyes accented by a head of thick dark hair. Not to mention he looked amazing in his t-shirt, tight in just the right spots.

We spent five hours that night, talking, walking around the East Village, generally enjoying each other's company. But, I'd had other great first dates, only to never hear from them again. Would this be one of those magical nights and by the next morning, be just a figment, like so many others before it? Would he promise to write or call and then never be heard from again? Or was this something more?

I got my answer the next day when I arrived at work to an e-mail simple entitled "Thank you for such an unexpected surprise yesterday" with the body of the note saying he would call me later (which as promised, he did.)

It's been two years now, I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by. I now live in that charming East Village apartment on 14th Street and my life cannot be any better. Happy Anniversary, James. I love you.

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