Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blow by Blow

Supermodel Kate Moss (the last remaining model who can still use the moniker) has lost three major campaigns after photos surfaced of her snorting cocaine. What I want to know if how is this a big surprise? Isn't Kate famous because she was the model who ushered in the whole 'heroin chic' look? Drugs (especially cocaine use) has always been a drug of choice in the fashion and modeling industry, isn't Kate just following in a long line of others.

I'm by no means applauding her actions, I just don't see how this could cause someone to loose millions of dollars over. Was she not portraying the level of glamour and beauty required for her job? Was she not professional on her photo shoots? The only thing Kate can be blamed for is being a sloppy user. Whether she likes it or not, people view her as a celebrity and in these tabloid obsessed times celebrities are fair game, there is always someone with a camera (or at least a cell phone with a camera attached) at every turn.

PS- I predict that Kate will bounce back from this and will only make her allure even greater.

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