Friday, September 16, 2005

Snowball's Chance in Hell

With all the stories from the aftermath of Katrina, comes one that touches my heart. Snowball, a small white dog that was first discussed in an Associated Press article has been reunited with it's owner. The dog was taken from the hands of a sobbing little boy as his family was being removed from the Superdome. The boy was so distraught over this fact that he cried out for his canine companion until he vomited. I can understand his pain. Being a huge animal lover myself, I cannot understand how there no system that allows pet owners to evacuate with their beloved family members. I could never think of leaving behind someone that important to myself, as a dog or cat who unconditionally offers so much of themselves to you.

The good news is that United Animal Nations reports that Snowball is indeed safe and would soon be reunited with the little boy who fought for his dog, his friend, his loved one.

Here's hoping that all misplaced pets are quickly returned home to their owners just as quickly.

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