Monday, July 30, 2007

Blindsighted or Blind Move?

So, since I don't subscribe to the live feeds (I would never leave home) or get Showtime (I would never get any sleep) I rely on BB8Dish for my Big Brother 8 scoop. And while I promise to not reveal any spoilers about the show, I will say some of the houseguests are making a huge mistake by taking out a "so-called" target while leaving three more viable nominees safe for another week. So if my boy Dustin does what I think he will, I think there were be big ramifications in the house and I sense that life in the house will take a weird turn. So boys and girls, think three weeks ahead, before you plot your next move... it could mean remaining safe for the next few weeks, as oppose to the possibility of one of your own going home before they are scheduled to, by playing this risky game.

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