Friday, July 13, 2007

Bring on the Crazy

OK, try as I might there is no escaping the pull of Big Brother and season 8 so far has not disappointed. How friggin' brilliant is it that Jen won Head of Household this week, the girl is insane (and I love it) and mayhem and madness is going to be all over the house this week. So, everyone was so ready to boot the girl out of the house and now there will be a week of them kissing her ass, big time. She's such a wild card, I have no idea who's going on the block - but safe to say, the girl will be trying to eliminate her female competition, so most likely Danielle is going on the block.

Now I just need to stay off those spoiler blogs before Sunday, so that I can generally be surprised at who she places on the block. So thanks to a kick-ass season so far, bring on the crazy!

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