Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Call to Arms

So I've been following the St. Maarten gay bashing case faithfully on Towleroad (thanks Andy, as always) and it came to my attention that if the island is not fond of gay people, then we should not support the island in any way, monetary or otherwise. What I suggest is that we do not spend our gay money at locations who are only interested in us when we are spending that money.

In the same breath, I suggest we contact gay organizations like Atlantis Cruises, who with their Freedom of the Seas tour visit St. Maarten, and suggest they change their itinerary or we choose to skip that tour altogether. The only way to be effective is to challenge those who oppose your way of life and by not rewarding these vacation destinations with your hard earned money is a start. We can be effective, if we just band together.

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