Monday, July 24, 2006

All Washed Up

So this weekend James and I caught the latest ego-driven piece of crap known as The Lady in the Water. Granted I knew it was going to be bad, based on the overwhelming critical blasting the film got on Friday, but we went anyhow.

What a waste of $22, first off never cast yourself as the 'Messiah' character in your film; when you don't have the acting weight for the role. Secondly, I know you wrote this fairytale for your daughters, but have the courage to accept criticism from studio executives when they question your vision. Thirdly, give your characters something to do other then be introduced, or cut down those numbers, so you can spend more then six minutes on each one. And finally, give us a main character we care about or at least find remotely interesting and I'm sorry changing hair color is not interesting.

I have a feeling this film which opened third this week; behind an animated evil house will sink fast. If you're feeling the need for a water-based fairytale rent
Splash, you'll thank me. Both women spend plenty of time in the bathtub.

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