Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rock Goddess

That roar you hear emanating from your TV set is not the crowd, however they are loudly expressing their delight. No that might roar is coming from right up on stage, my early favorite and predicted winner for Rockstar:Supernova is Dilana. Tommy and Co. would be foolish to let this lead singer slip through their fingertips.

She has everything you can want in a rock icon - killer raspy voice, the right rock edge, beautiful, alluring, one hell of a stage presence, not to mention the tattoos and piercings. She is a force of nature and the 14 other rockers should all be very afraid - the girl is playing to win. She kicks ass right up their with other rock goddesses like Joan Jett, Shirley Manson, Tina Turner, Debbie Harry, just to name a few. I predict we will be hearing a lot from this Texas stunner - via South Africa.

To quote Tommy Lee (wow, never thought I would say that) "I wanna."
Keep kicking ass girl - own that stage, it's yours for the taking.

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