Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Goddess

OK, I can admit it, I have a total crush on Ms. Angelina Jolie. Not that this is anything new mind you, I've pretty much been obsessed with her since first spotting her in the movie Hackers. The woman truly is a movie star, in every sense of the word. Her evolution from wild child, to Academy Award winning actress, to amazing mother (one thing she was truly meant to excel at, she's never been more beautiful or happy then with Maddox) and now world ambassador (another amazing thing about her, she is so selfless.) She does what she loves and that truly should be applauded.

While the press loves to hound her on her current love life; maybe she was too open, inviting us into her unguarded, uncensored world when she was younger (something I think made me like her even more). She sees nothing wrong with being sexual and at the same time still holds herself like the respectable lady she is.

My theory on Angelina is this. The woman's acting comes from being very an observant person, something I feel doesn't come from any acting class. Some people watch people and observe the small details of life. She does these little things in all her movies that are amazing. Whether it be a flicker of her eyes, the curve of her mouth, the raise of an eyebrow or that 100-watt smile, she always captivating. And this is why she is truly deserving of my $11.00 per movie (saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith - twice.) Thanks again, Ms. Jolie.

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