Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My Drug of Choice

My name is Dan and I'm an addict. (Hi, Dan!)

Yes, I'm proud enough to admit that I'm addicted to having my head buzzed cut twice a month. It all started about two years ago as Mother Nature so cruelly decided that I should start loosing my hair. Wisely deciding against a comb-over or desperately trying to hang on to whatever hair I had, I decided to buzz it all off... well almost all off.

Keeping it short, peach fuzz like, I slowly became addicted to having it a certain length and whenever it grows past a certain point, I like other addicts need a fix. This is where Yuri comes in (my pusher, my magic man, my savior) without his expert skills, I'd probably look like an overgrown Chia pet. It also appears I'm not the only one who visits Yuri for a fix, I usually end up waiting some time to feel his clippers across my scalp.

So today's the day, time to get shorn like a sheep and be at peace for another 15 days at least. Yuri, I'm on the way.

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