Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Rock On with Your Bad Self

Ok, I understand all reality television programs have villains, it's almost built into each story line and they are the characters that usually stick in your head long after the program is over. Case in point, Omarosa. I dare you to name another person from the first season of the Apprentice.

I've developed this strong guttural reaction to JD from Rock Star:INXS. I just don't get how he's never been in the final three, never mind not eliminated yet. Wise up America, he doesn't have the vocal power or range to lead a band like INXS.

He's certainly got the right attitude for reality television and is looking out for himself first. But do we keep him around for the fact that a show without a villain isn't worth watching? Or are we just waiting to see what he'll do next? Or are there actual people who are buying into his allure and snake-like charm and think he is really that good? Don't get me wrong, you would never see me up on that stage and he is talented, but I just don't get him... period.

Ultimately, he probably won't win the gig, but you got to wonder if he will end up like Omarosa and appear in next season's Surreal Life? Just my reality thought of the day.

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