Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Butler Did It

The one thing I love about living in Manhattan is the randomness of celebrity sighting and how most people on the street are too busy to notice. While walking down 23rd Street yesterday, I noticed the amazing handsome Gerard Butler talking with two stunning women, casually discussing the fine craft of acting (it's what I heard as I walked past them.) Of course being the entertainment junkie I am, I immediately identified the actor who's most high profile films to date have been the sequel to Tomb Raider and the Phantom of the Opera.

However, his profile might be increased once he appears in the Frank Miller adaptation film 300 where he plays the king of the Spartans and appears in just a cape and small leather bikini underwear. Talk about causing a commotion; visit the website for more images.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan for posting this. You are right, Gerard is an amazing handsome man. He deserves a much higher profile because he is a fantastic actor. IMO, he beats anyone out there today.