Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jacked Up

So with Memorial Day upon us, that can mean only one thing - a big summer movie is slated to open. This year, we are treated to X-Men: The Last Stand. A movie that should rake in tons of money over the weekend. The great thing about all three of the X-Men films is how timely the films are, in a gay subtexted kind of way. I will leave it to Ian McKellen who said it best "X-Men is a story about mutants, about people who feel disaffected with society and whom society is hard on. It appeals most to young blacks, young Jews and young gays," he goes on to explain it was the main reason he signed onto the films in the first place.

Besides the subtext, we are also treated to Hugh Jackman, who embodies the character of Wolverine body and soul. He's got the rugged, sarcastic, animalistic behavior down pat - it's no wonder there is talk of a Wolverine movie. He's a beloved character and Jackman delves into the part wholeheartedly - not to mention looks sexy as all hell doing it. Anytime Hugh wants to wear an A-shirt, flex his pecs and snarl, I'm there.

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