Friday, May 19, 2006

Open & Ready

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Wilfried Agricola de Cologne said...

I saw on the web gallery of the visual aids site,that you curated in 2005 an exhibition including a work by Max Greenberg. I published in December 2002 an online art project, entitled "Just positive" on occasion of World Aids Day on 1 December, and one of the featured artists was Max Greenberg.
However, I lost meanwhile the contacts to Max. I contact you because I am working as a curator and organise a show, entitled ://selfportrait - a show for Bethlehem -
and I would like to include one of Max's selfportraits, but I need his authorisation, of course.
Eventually you know, whether he is still alive, and if yes, how I might re-install contacts to him.
I hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance and best,

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne