Friday, November 03, 2006

A Cheap Shot

So I'm a bit disappointed in Nate on last night's Survivor. While he's a fierce competitor and holds a large amount of strength for the Raro tribe - his anger and choice of words of over Brad choice of skipping out of the swimming portion of last nights reward challenge were uncalled for. After Raro lost the chance to fill their stomachs with peanut butter and bread, Nate choose to bitch and whine and call Brad a "Nancy Boy" - a cheap shot, in my books. Yes, Brad most likely made a huge mistake by choosing to play puzzle solver over swimming, but by attacking one's sexual orientation and playing into stereotypes is just not cool, I expect more from you Nate.

From what it seems from next week, Brad will continue to alienate himself further from his tribe and in the game, which I'm assuming will lead to his demise. And I hope, he at least causes some trouble and adds much needed drama to this season, before his torch is snuffed. Play on!

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