Thursday, November 09, 2006

Parental Control

So it comes as no surprise the Kevin Federline fires back at Britney in court for sole custody of the couple's two children, as well as spousal support - his free ride is about to come to an end. "Kevin is prepared to go the distance in order to do what he feels is necessary to protect and safeguard the children and will not be intimidated or dissuaded from pursuit of those goals," said Michael Sands, spokesman for Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Seems to me someone is desperately grasping at straws after the whimper his rap career launched off too. Funny how he would want sole custody of Britney's two sons as opposed to his less famous former girlfriend Shar Jackson's children. But then again, Shar is not a multi-millionaire. I hate men who use children as pawns and devices to hurt their former loved ones. Hopefully, he will fade into obscurity pretty quickly.

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Anonymous said...

"Hopefully, he will fade into obscurity pretty quickly."

Hopefully who will fade into obscurity?

I am, humbly,
B. Freret