Monday, November 27, 2006

Give Me a Beat

Friday night, I treated myself to something I haven't done in ages, hear live music by a real musician, namely Daniel Cartier. Playing the shit out of Joe's Pub, Daniel's set showed off his skills as an entertainer and musician (clever pop culture references, the use of common kitchen utensils as instruments, and a great banter with his audience.)

Having never been inside Joe's Pub, the space is beautiful and elegant and the acoustics are amazing.
Starting his set solo bathed in purple light and wearing his best Clockwork Orange assemble, Daniel's voice is so rich and soothing, you cannot help but be seduced. Daniel also spoke about how he hates to do self-promotion and he even blogged about it and as a fellow artist I can totally see where he is coming from.

Here is my attempt at a shameless Daniel Cartier promotion. So dear readers, if you haven't been exposed to Daniel's music, I suggest you purchase his latest album you and me are we which can be purchased directly from Daniel here. Enjoy the sweet sounds, I promise you'll be musically enlightened and you'll be supporting a talented musician.

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