Thursday, November 17, 2005

Baby Luv, My Baby Love

So it appears my favorite tanorexic debutante has done it again. With the edition of her latest $3,000 fashion accessory, Baby Luv, which is your keeping track is a kinkajou. This nocturnal mammal (the perfect necklace for the party hoping heiress), whose closest relative is a raccoon has begun appearing on her shoulder at events.

Poor Tinkerbell, at first she had to deal with the arrival of the addition of the other Chihuahua Bambi, who mysteriously disappeared after stirring up another 15 minutes of fame for my favorite blonde Barbie. Now she's got to deal with a creature who's peak activity hour is 7pm till midnight. Something tells me with the California law which makes owning a kinkajou illegal and Paris' short-attention span and ever changing wardrobe, Luv's 15 minutes might be up sooner then later.

PS- Hang in there Tink, we've been through this before.

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